Welcome Pet Parents!

WellyTails® is a science focused pet health products company. We produce natural high performance pet health supporting products from researched and evidence based natural ingredients that are proven to be safe for pets.

A personal note from John Leveris – co-founder of WellyTails®

My goal is to have WellyTails® be well recognized for formulating and producing natural pet health products primarily using researched ingredients that have been clinically  proven and show strong evidence that they deliver health supporting benefits and also are also proven safe for pets. And to use researched ingredients in our product formulations at the clinically tested dosage amounts that deliver a very high level of pet health supporting performance.

WellyTails® product formulations are stacked with multiple proven active ingredients at the dosages needed to deliver high health supporting performance results that concerned pet parents are looking for and needing.

Our product labels clearly show a Guaranteed Analysis of our active ingredients – after all if a product does not guarantee what the amounts of active ingredients are then what exactly are you buying... and what exactly is it that your pet store is selling you???

We use only FRESH INGREDIENTS AND PLACE A 2 YEAR BEST BEFORE EXPIRY DATE form date of manufacture on our products. (Tragically many so called pet health supplements marketing companies have 4 years from date of manufacture expiry date codes on their hyper marketed and advertised products – sadly stale old ineffective ingredients do not effectively help alleviate or solve health issues and the condition lingers on. Also it is such a big waste of your money.)

We respect and recognize that busy pet parents are searching for help in effectively solving their pet health issues naturally and are frustrated with all of the pet supplement industry marketing hype; with many overpriced underperforming products that have popular ingredients listed as “window dressing” on a label or delivering old expired ingredients as to be nearly useless. Read more About Us (link to About Us Page)

All of us at WellyTails care deeply about supporting pet health naturally and in helping you to keep them healthy, active and with you for a very long time.

I would like to thank you for visiting our web site and closely investigating our product ingredients and health problem solving formulas and also for considering WellyTails® products to help you solve your furry friend’s health issues - naturally, effectively and safely.

Wishing you and yours great health and longevity!.


I use Welly Tails Joint Supplement for my Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia. I had tried a few joint supplements and did not notice any changes in his comfort or movement. After about a week on it was easy to see my dog had fluid movement, less stiffness and no difficulty rising from the floor! He was also on a high dose of Metacam before, but now been weaned off of the medication at the vet's recommendation. Thanks to this product my dog is kept medication and most importantly SYMPTOM-FREE!

FANTASTIC Product Can't Say Enough Good Things!!!

We've had issues with our German Shepherd pup's stool since he had Giardia a few days into living with us. His gut flora never really fixed itself. After trying different probiotic supplements (finally just sticking to Metamucil to hold things together, but not solve anything) we got fed up. After other dog owner's recommendations we now have wonderfully firm (and much less) poop to pick up! Thanks, we're loving the product :)


We are very satisfied with the product and have noticed a significant reduction in shedding (Border Collie). The sheen on his coat was mentioned by a groomer at Petsmart!

Joe M., Toronto

After purchasing the Omega 3.6.9 Skin & Coat At Woofstock, my Cavalier now has a luxurious black coat within 6 weeks of starting on the product I have spent the last 3 years trying to get a healthy coat back after her having puppies. Her grey fluff has turned into glossy black waves!

Debbie G.

Product Name: Cartilage, Hip & Joint Dog Rx Supplement 1380 grams Headline: Amazing Product Email: krodda@abcpave.com Review: Our 8 year old 90lb Chocolate Lab has bad hips and knees and went 1yr without going upstairs to sleep with mom and dad. After 2wks of using this product she made her first trip back upstairs and has been joining us every night since. This product has changed our lives and most importantly, hers. HIGHLY recommend!! Rating: 5

Kim Rodda Corona, California